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A new paper published by the author (Dr. Sanford et al.) undermines a supposed mathematical proof of evolution, called Fisher's Theorem.  MORE...


Genetic degeneration is not just a theoretical concern, but is observed in numerous real-life situations. Recent findings lend further support to the reality of genetic entropy.  MORE...

Interested in discussing the scientific findings in the book, Genetic Entropy?  Do you have any questions or helpful thoughts that you'd like to share? How has this book affected your thinking in terms of the origin and maintanence of the genome? MORE...

"Genetic Entropy is by far
the most devastating critique of the modern neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution. If mutations coupled with the reproductive filtering of natural selection
cannot create nor maintain the integrity of the genome,
what can stop it from degenerating?"

-Persuaded Reader, C.R..


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